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ANC survey 2000/2

This survey was carried out in two rounds (2000 and 2002) in 11 ante-natal clinics. The aim was to assess the feasibility of collecting sexual behaviour data during HIV surveillance in ante-natal clinics (ANC), and to establish whether these data can provide information about the correlates of HIV infection in this population. Sexual behaviour data were collected during two HIV sentinel surveillance rounds in 11 clinics. Responses of individual women were anonymously linked to their HIV status. Three clinic catchment areas overlapped with the DSS, which provided independent estimates of HIV prevalence and sexual behaviour. Changes between rounds and differentials between clinics were assessed and a two-level logistic regression model used to identify behavioural and contextual correlates of HIV in 3,689 women under 25 years of age. Women attending clinics were willing to participate in the study. The sexual behaviour data obtained were internally consistent and tallied reasonably well with sexual behaviour data collected in the community overlapping the clinic catchment. Clear relationships emerged between HIV infection and measures of sexual exposure.


Urassa, M; Kumogola, Y; Isingo, R; Mwaluko, G; Makelemo, B; Mugeye, K; Boerma, T; Calleja, T; Slaymaker, E; Zaba, B. (in press) HIV prevalence and sexual behaviour changes measured in an Ante-Natal Clinic setting in northern Tanzania. STI

An ante-natal clinic

ANC survey 2006

This survey is currently being carried out in 18 ante-natal clinics in Mwanza region. Women attending ANC are asked to complete a questionnaire on sexual behaviour and their reasons for choosing the clinic.

These data will be analysed to determine what factors influence choice of clinic, principally whether availability of services, including HIV testing, affect a woman's choice of clinic. The implications of clinic choice for HIV prevalence sentinel surveillance will also be investigated using these results.

The ANC survey team
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