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About the TAZAMA project

Kisesa is a rural electoral ward in the Magu district of Mwanza Region in the North of Tanzania. Within the ward are 6 villages: Igekemaja, Welamasonga, Ihayabuyaga, Kitumba, Isangijo and Kisesa.

The largest village, Kisesa, is a trading centre that straddles the main tarmac road which runs from Mwanza to Musoma (capital of Mara region), to Sirari on the Kenyan border and on to Nairobi. There is a health centre in Kisesa, and three dispensaries located in Welamasonga, Ihayabuyaga and Isangijo. The ward has eleven government primary schools (at least one in each village) and two secondary schools in Kitumba and Ihabuyaga. Both Mwanza city and Magu town are accessible to residents; buses run along the main road and take about an hour and a half. Most of the residents are subsistence farmers, a lot of surplus agricultural produce is traded in Mwanza, which is Tanzania's second city.

A demographic and serological surveillance system was started by TANESA in 1994 as part of a research project that included the development of village level intervention activities to prevent the spread of HIV. The responsibility for the research survey activities was moved to the Tanzanian National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR) in 2002. The study has been given ethical and scientific approval by the Tanzanian Medical Research Co-ordinating Committee.

Today, the research study covers a population of almost 30,000 people who live in Kisesa ward. The three main activities are a demographic surveillance system (DSS) in which data are collected every four to six months; a community serological survey (sero) every three years; and Ante Natal Clinic HIV surveillance (ANC) which extends to neighbouring areas of Magu district and Mwanza town.

Map of Tanzania showing Mwanza
Map of Mwanza region showing Kisesa ward
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