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Demographic Surveillance System

In DSS rounds, NIMR interviewers visit every household and update the list of residents. Information is collected on all births, deaths, pregnancies, in- and out- migration at the household level, and changes in marital status and educational attainment are noted. The information is recorded on paper forms and entered onto a database at the NIMR offices in Mwanza.

Demographic surveillance data are collected at regular intervals. Every household in the study area is visited by a fieldworker who collects information on births, deaths, pregnancies and arrivals or departures from the household. It takes about three months to complete a round of data collection.

To protect the privacy of the people who live in Kisesa all personal and health information is stored on the main project database classified only by a unique study number, which is not linked to people's names or residence data. Household identifiers (numbers identifying village, sub-village, cluster, household and member number) are held in a separate database to which temporary links are formed to generate data collection forms and invitations.

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