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1.      Verbal autopsy can consistently measure AIDS mortality: validation study in Tanzania and Zimbabwe
2.      Separation of spouses due to travel and living apart raises HIV risk in Tanzanian couples
3.      Uptake of HIV Voluntary Counselling and Testing Services in Rural Tanzania: Implications for Effective HIV Prevention and Equitable Access to Treatment.
4.      Estimating incidence from prevalence in generalised HIV epidemics: Methods and validation.

5.      Survival following HIV infection in the pre-ART era in a rural Tanzanian cohort.
6.      HIV prevalence and incidence in rural Tanzania: results from 10 year follow-up in an open cohort study
7.      Uptake of HIV Voluntary Counselling and Testing Services in Rural Tanzania: Implications for Effective HIV Prevention and Equitable Access to Treatment.
8.      Time from HIV sero-conversion to death prior to ART: a collaborative analysis of eight studies in six developing countries
9.      Net mortality methods with comparison and summary of HIV-specific Net survival
10.    Age-specific mortality patterns of HIV infected persons: a comparative analysis of community study data from five African countries
11.    Growing up in rural Africa: orphanhood and living arrangements of children in high HIV  populations in Malawi, Tanzania, South Africa.
12.    Effect of PMTCT availability on choice of ANC in Mwanza and Magu districts and its impact on HIV sentinel surveillance
13.    Use of data from HIV counselling and testing services for HIV surveillance in Africa.

14.    Barriers to accessing antiretroviral therapy in Kisesa, Tanzania: a qualitative study of early rural referrals to the national program.
15.    HIV prevalence and sexual behaviour changes measured in an antenatal clinic setting in northern Tanzania.
16.    Circumstances of Orphan and Non-orphan Children and their Care Providers in Mwanza, Tanzania
17.    Mobility and HIV in Tanzanian couples: both mobile persons and their partners show increased risk.

18.    The role of behavioral data in HIV surveillance.
19.    HIV and mortality of mothers and children: evidence from cohort studies in Uganda, Tanzania, and Malawi.
20.    Estimating the net effect of HIV on child mortality in African populations affected by generalized HIV epidemics.

21.    Secretive females or swaggering males? An assessment of the quality of sexual partnership reporting in rural Tanzania.

22.    Trends in HIV and sexual behaviour in a longitudinal study in a rural population in Tanzania, 1994-2000.
23.    HIV impact on mother and child mortality in rural Tanzania.
24.    The association between HIV and fertility in a cohort study in rural Tanzania.
25.    Understanding the uneven spread of HIV within Africa: comparative study of biologic, behavioral, and contextual factors in rural populations in Tanzania and Zimbabwe

26.    Sociodemographic context of the AIDS epidemic in a rural area in Tanzania with a focus on people's mobility and marriage.
27.    Community effects on the risk of HIV infection in rural Tanzania
28.    Health service use and household expenditure during terminal illness due to AIDS in rural Tanzania

29.    The impact of HIV/AIDS on mortality and household mobility in rural Tanzania.
30.    Dynamics of male circumcision practices in northwest Tanzania
31.    Pre-marital sexual behaviour among out-of-school adolescents: motives, patterns and meaning attributed to sexual partnership in rural Tanzania

32.    Adjusting ante-natal clinic data for improved estimates of HIV prevalence among women in sub-Saharan Africa.

33.    Spread of HIV infection in a rural area of Tanzania

34.    Male circumcision and susceptibility to HIV infection among men in Tanzania
35.    Sexual discourse in the context of AIDS: dominant themes on adolescent sexuality among primary school pupils in Magu district, Tanzania
36.    Orphanhood, child fostering and the AIDS epidemic in rural Tanzania
37.    Levels and causes of adult mortality in rural Tanzania with special reference to HIV/AIDS



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