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During sero surveys, special temporary village clinics are constructed, as the survey team moves from one village to another. All adults (15+) are invited to participate in the survey, and they can receive free medical treatment for themselves and children in their family, for common health problems (but not anti-retroviral therapy) when they come to the clinics.

Sero surveys include a questionnaire based interview covering socio-economic, health and behavioural topics. After the survey consenting adults give a finger-prick blood specimen which is anonymised and tested for HIV at the NIMR lab. VCT services are also available in the sero clinics, people who want to know their HIV status have to provide a second, separate blood specimen and return later for their result.

These surveys are carried out in Kisesa ward at approximately 2 yearly intervals. The last serosurvey was carried out in 2004 and the next is scheduled for the end of 2006. All adults living in the area are eligible for the serosurvey. currently being carried out in 18 ante-natal clinics in Mwanza region. Women attending ANC are asked to complete a questionnaire on sexual behaviour and their reasons for choosing the clinic.


An ante-natal clinic
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